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TOPIC: Mummy's Mask discussion

Mummy's Mask discussion 1 year 7 months ago #3479

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(Savaged) Mummy’s Mask - Session Eight - 29/11/2018

Before leaving the Grand Mausoleum, the High Priestess had given the party the location of three elegiac compasses erected within the necropolis. If the heroes activated all three, they would triangulate the source of the necromantic energy behind the death cloud that hung over the city. The first compass was located at the Gulla Market, headquarters of the Fading gang. The second was positioned atop the ruins of a crumbling bathhouse. The third was situated atop a tower near the tomb of Ahkentepi.

“Number three.” Issa decided, “Trust me, guys. Skeleton’s intuition.”

The mummified elephant was growing increasingly uncooperative and the Desert Storm ditched it near the tomb. The bandaged behemoth trundled off, trumpeting angrily.

Cluedo and Vardis scaled the ruined tower to reach the elegiac compass. As the gnoll shaman repaired the device, a bolt of green lightning struck the roof of Ahkentepi’s tomb! The walls exploded outward and Chenkov was very nearly crushed by the huge, stone disc that had previously sealed the entrance to the crypt. Green fire rose from the pit amidst the rubble and an ancient Osirian war cry rose from the bowels of the earth.

“How long until you get that thing fixed?” Cluedo asked, readying his bow.

“Too long.” Vardis answered through bared fangs.

A figure rose from the pit; a glowing green skeleton with a shattered skull where Issa’s fist had punched through the ancient bone. A spectral figure overlaid the skeleton, that of a tall, intimidating Osirian warlord.

“General Ahkentepi!” Issa screamed, launching himself at his hated enemy.

Ahkentepi’s arm shot out and his ghostly hand closed around Issa’s vertebrae.

“Issa, my treacherous nephew.” the warlord said, “Four thousand years to prepare and this is the best you can do? Pathetic.”

“What?!” Bes cried, “That guy’s your uncle? You kept that to yourself!”

“It was all in my character background.” Issa replied, struggling to free himself from the warlord’s grasp.

“Family or not, you have interfered in my ambitions one time too many.”

Ahkentepi tossed his troublesome nephew aside. Issa crashed through the wall of the tower supporting Cluedo, Vardis and the elegiac compass. As the warlord turned away, his gaze alighted on Bes.

“Impossible!” Ahkentepi cursed, “All the old gods were slain! How can you - wait, I understand. You are reborn, but possess only a faint echo of your former power. How fortunate that you should cross my path now! I killed you once already when you were at the height of your power! Diminished as you are now, how can you hope to stop me killing you again?”

Ahkentepi summoned his loyal troops and from beyond the pale they answered his call. A squad of spectral soldiers rose from the ground and formed up around their general. Chenkov charged forward and one of the spectral soldiers drove its ghostblade through his chestplate, inflicting grievous damage. Seeing the Ulfen warrior was in trouble, Cluedo jumped from the tower to administer healing. The spectral soldier stabbed him too, injuring him even more seriously than Chenkov. Bes ran over to assist and the same spectral soldier stabbed him too, driving the icy ghost-blade into his unmentionables! Bes collapsed, bleeding out from the wound.

‘Castrated by a ghost,' Bes thought, ‘What a foolish way to die. Wait! I have a healing potion in my pack! If I can just reach it….'

Bes felt a hand reach into his pack. His mask fell from his face as he turned his head to look. Chenkov was crouched over him, fumbling with the bottle’s cork.

‘Thank the old gods that I have such stalwart and true allies fighting alongside me.’

Chenkov finally managed to uncork the potion.

“Forgive me, my friend.” Chenkov said. Then he drank the potion himself.

‘Motherfucker.’ thought Bes.

Chenkov crawled away, joining Cluedo and Vardis as they discretely extricated themselves from the battle.

Issa crawled free from the crumbling tower and once again confronted his wicked uncle.

“Your betrayal of the old gods and the jinni cannot go unpunished!” Issa cried.

“What are you going to do about it, nephew?” Ahkentepi sneered, “We’ve had this conversation once before and it did not end well for you. Perhaps I will seal you back inside my tomb for another four thousand years. When you next emerge, you will find this world a very different place.”

“Neither of us will see your new world!” Issa screamed, grabbing his uncle around the waist and throwing himself into the pit.

“Nooooooooooo!” the warlord cried, as he was dragged back down onto the dark of the earth.

The tower collapsed, burying both skeletons under a mountain of rubble.


Several blocks away, the surviving members of the Desert Storm paused for breath and listened to the sound of the tower fall.

“I feel a little conflicted about leaving Bes and Issa to die.” Cluedo admitted.

“There was nothing we could do.” Chenkov rumbled, “The weak die, the strong survive.”

“I can always summon their ghosts,” Vardis offered, “Wait, what’s that sound?”

“Sounds like someone trying to blow a horn full of custard.” Cluedo said, “I wonder what -”

Then the mummified elephant smashed through the side of a building and trampled all three of them to death.

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Mummy's Mask discussion 1 year 7 months ago #3480

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(Savaged) Mummy’s Mask - Epilogue

The streets were full of terrified civilians and glowing green skeletons, but eventually Billu made it to the Canny Jackal. He opened the doors and entered the silent auction house. Bodies littered the floor including the corpse of his lord father. The body was covered by hundreds of tiny scratches. Overcome with grief, Billu sank to the floor beside the man who sired him and began to play a mournful, haunting melody. He continued to play as the swarm of mummified cats closed in on him. It was the last time that music would be heard in the city of Wati.
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MellyMel - Thu 2 Jul - 13:23

they seem to have now corrected the mistake. strahd and giants were cheap too. now gone. ho hum. abyss still is

MellyMel - Thu 2 Jul - 12:32

just noticed on amazon the monster manual is available for £5.20. i'm guessing they cocked up so if you want one nows the time

moc - Wed 1 Jul - 21:26

Cheers sarge for answer .

Sarge - Wed 1 Jul - 17:10

Once told of a return date, any restrictions, this will determine game size. We can review Rotation Dates to see game length. GM's can then put up games and hopefully see a good response from players

Candi - Tue 30 Jun - 17:31

What plan are we going with in terms of rotations? So we can prep for which game we will return too.

Sarge - Mon 29 Jun - 12:31

As soon as I know anything regarding the coronation club reopening I’ll let everyone know. Whenever that may be there will be restrictions I’m sure for some time to come

Vic - Thu 25 Jun - 20:42

How is everyone doing

moc - Tue 23 Jun - 18:06

4th July pubs are open ! So 9th the club can restart ?

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