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TOPIC: R4. Princes of the Apocalypse

R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 1 year 1 month ago #4010

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1st Elesias 1491 DR - First day of Highsun

A Good Night’s Kip
Kahlan scouts ahead. No signs of the enemy in the adjacent rooms and corridors. The party rests. Bort raises a new friend from the dead to stand sentry. Buggy the Bugbear zombie patrols the passageways. Next morning, just after breakfast, Damok thanks Buggy for his relentless watch by relieving him of his head; invoking the stare of Talos. A few choice words are exchanged.

The Ugly Statue
The party moves on. Bort finally stops staring at Damok. The next thing everybody stares at is an ugly 10ft tall statue. An original statue lies smashed, and this grotesque offering is erected in its place. Slade pipes up: “I recognise that terrible form. Its Ogremoch, the 'Mountain that Walks'. A gargantuan elemental who abides in the depths of elemental earth. Should certain rituals be performed it may be possible for him to cross into the material plane”.

Punch up in the Corridor
Kahlan sneaks ahead. There’s the smell of food. The sound of cutlery behind a closed stone door, and the shuffle of footsteps approaching along the corridor. Kahlan tried to shush the rest of the party who were still standing nearby holding up torches and discussing the merits of Ogremoch. Too late, the element of surprise is lost. Everybody piles into the fray. Kahlan strikes with panache then gets a face full of Damok’s manhood. Bort pins a cultist to the wall with Windvane. Slade flashes the steel.

The stone door to the dining hall swivels open on its central pivot and, attracted by the noise (including some very subtle thunder that rocked the passageway) two more cultists emerge – but they’re doomed.

Punch up in the Dining Room
The party takes the fight into the adjacent dining hall. The diners include several human cultists, a couple of eloquent bugbears, an angry ogre and a cook in an apron. The party, now starring Burlap providing artillery from the rear, serves up some speciality dishes of their own: sleet, snow, thunder, lightning, fire, steel and death in abundance with a dash of self-assurance on the side.

The Redhead in the Frock
Through a short passage beyond the dining hall, the party discover a dormitory and waste no time in plundering the personnel belongings of its (recently deceased) occupants. Kahlan spots a red-haired woman in a dress emerge from her hiding place and make her escape. Kahlan rugby tackles the escapee in the passage and realises the woman is a tiefling. Kahlan lets her new best friend go and prevents Burlap from pursuing. Owly Owl swoops after the tiefling, but eventually loses her behind a closed door.

The Chamber with the Lifelike Statues
After pocketing a few coins and trinkets from dorms and guardrooms, the party presses onwards and discovers a large chamber. The chamber is full of stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone formations, a nice view across a gaping chasm, a door to an anchored room and several statues of people with shocked and agonised features to their faces. Kahlan sneaks forward. Burlap follows with a shiny fishbowl on his head and casts detect thoughts… … … …

140 ep
210 sp
A pouch containing six obsidian flakes worth 10 gp each.
Potion of Water Breathing

And pocketed by Kahlan…
5 pp
Five citrines worth 40 gp each

Bort, Burlap, Kahlan, Damok and Slade each earn 1,800XP for this week’s exploits.
Ellas earns a token 1,000XP.

Bort…….. Award: 1,800 XP.....Total: 38,500 XP.....Level 8
Burlap.......Award: 1,800 XP.....Total: 36,200 XP.....Level 8
Damok…..Award: 1,800 XP.....Total: 33,300 XP.....Level 7
Ellass…...Award: 1,000 XP.....Total: 31,700 XP.....Level 7
Kahlan…..Award: 1,800 XP.....Total: 36,000 XP.....Level 8
Slade...... Award: 1,800 XP.....Total: 33,000 XP.....Level 7
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R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 1 year 3 weeks ago #4103

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Something Sinister in the Creepy Chamber
Burlap’s mind is invaded by a sinister, unintelligible voice that comes and fades….and then the voice stops. Is the ceasing of the voice a prelude to something? Is there something in the shadows? Bort feels searing pain in his head. Banish the entity in the shadows. Quick let’s enter the anchored room. A hasty search reveals treasure in the sumptuously appointed room. Everyone exits with whatever they can carry, leaving the bulky treasures behind. Let’s get out of here.

The Stone Golem
Another hall. More great columns. A 10ft tall statue of a dwarf with spiked balls instead of hands. Burlap can’t resist a touch and is smashed senseless and thrown across the hall. Everyone piles in. Ellas' arrows break on contact with the creature's form. This won't be easy. Most receive wounds; some will have scars to remember. Eventually the golem cracks and is reduced to rubble. We desperately need to take some time to heal. Kahlan reconnoitres. A low chanting sound behind a door in an adjacent corridor. Leave it be. Lets risk resting in the hall of the golem.

2nd Elesias 1491 DR

Bye bye Earth. Hello Fire.
A long dark claustrophobic passageway leads west. Finally a chamber…and a welcoming committee. Trouble with ogres (and half ogres). Burlap fireballs the enemy. The charge of the ogres. Slade and Damok slice the ogrillons. Is the temple of the Eternal Flame?

1,100 sp
130 pp
Embroidered silk robe (worth 80 gp)
A suit of Elven Chain (chain shirt, magical)

All characters earn 6,000XP each for this week’s exploits.
Including bonus XP for entering/exiting (although missing out much of) the Temple of Black Earth.

Bort…….. Award: 6,000 XP.....Total: 42,700 XP.....Level 8
Burlap.....Award: 6,000 XP.....Total: 40,400 XP.....Level 8
Damok….Award: 6,000 XP....Total: 37,500 XP.....Level 8
Ellass….. Award: 6,000 XP....Total: 36,700 XP.....Level 8
Kahlan.....Award: 6,000 XP....Total: 40,200 XP.....Level 8
Slade......Award: 6,000 XP....Total: 37,200 XP.....Level 8

"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 1 year 2 weeks ago #4155

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2nd Elesias 1491 DR

The Narrow Corridor
Kahlan leads the party along a narrow corridor flanked by dwarven statues, arranged like a guard of honour. Suddenly there’s the sound of a moving chain and then a large axe swings across the passage taking a slice out of the unlucky halfling as it does. The narrow passage opens into a much larger passage. Maybe we should call it an avenue, no wait, let’s call it a promenade – yes, that’s better – a promenade. Directly across the promenade from the narrow passage is an hexagonal room with obsidian columns. The black columns have fine fiery cracks in their surface. The party turns south instead.

The Old Cells
At the further end of the promenade it starts to get much warmer – oppressive heat even. A stairway leads down to a space lit by an orange glow; the sounds of bellows and hammers on anvils fills the air. The party investigates a long passageway to their left. The passage has numerous doors each side. Behind each door is a cell, some sparsely appointed for the use of cultist workers (one of which was in his room reading – and then slain), other cells held occupants against their will. Two such cells were opened and great reptilian creatures surged outward and attacked the party.

The Foundry
Returning to the stair, first Kahlan and then Burlap descended to a point at which they could view the space below. It was a large foundry fuelled by channels of flowing lava. Through the heat haze the workers could be seen, driven on by an evil-looking efreeti and watched over by cultist guards. A guard spies Kahlan. The guard approaches and begins ask questions. Burlap fails to make a new friend. The guard is not convinced. Let’s draw swords.

Ellas and Slade surge down the stair and engage the guards. Damok charges forth and makes straight for the biggest baddie – the efreeti. He quickly finds his route barred by a large creature of living flame that climbs out of a crucible. The inexplicable outbreak of a shower of sleet and snow within the foundry announces the presence of Bort.

Salamander and azer workers flee. The guards are slowly reduced in number and the fiery elemental is defeated only to be replaced by a wall of flame that encircles Bort, Damok and Kahlan. Luckily for them the paladin makes a fast talk roll with a critical success and convinces the GM that all those cooking in the fire can make luck rolls to emerge through the flames virtually unscathed. The efreeti , no matter how bad-ass he might like to think he is, now stands alone and is overcome by the combined efforts of the party.

All characters earn 3,100XP each for this week’s exploits.

Bort …... Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 45,800 XP.....Level 8
Burlap....Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 43,500 XP.....Level 8
Damok….Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 40,600 XP.....Level 8
Ellass…..Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 39,800 XP.....Level 8
Kahlan…. Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 43,300 XP.....Level 8
Slade...... Award: 3,100 XP.....Total: 40,300 XP.....Level 8
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 1 year 1 week ago #4184

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3rd Elesias 1491 DR

The Fall and Rise of Damok Seer
Rest and heal. Back track along the promenade to the hexagonal/octagonal room with the obsidian columns. Enemies in the shadows. Imix defend us!” Columns turn to magma. Intense heat and intense fighting. Damok falls (but apparently is still breathing). That was tough. Arise Damok (you lazy sod). The room beyond is guarded by frightened hobgoblins. Kahlan descends the stairs, but her squeaky voice fails to intimidate. Slade descends and fires a couple of warning shots (do you see how I spared Slade’s blushes there?). The quaking hobboes run away. A half-hearted pursuit begins until the party decides to let them run. This dead end corridor to the left must have some sort of secret door? Perhaps not.

The Taming of the Guard
Retracing their steps the party walks the length of the promenade yet again. This time Kahlan leads the way down the returning stair. Shuffling feet move ahead of you. There’s a room of pallet beds, armour and shields propped against the walls and a low fire over which a spit roast is cooking. Kahlan rounds the corner, but her unknown quarry has exited the room; a door is just closing to. Voices beyond the door. Let’s rush ‘em! The door bursts open and Kahlan, Bort, Slade and Damok rush in. Fisticuffs with hobgoblin mercenaries and their ogre allies. The guards don’t last long.

Bastian Thermander
After the fight the party pushes onward and enters a barrack room. Entering an adjacent room, Kahlan spies a red-skinned man pacing in a circle and muttering to himself. He acknowledges each of the party with a look as they file into his well appointed boudoir – but doesn’t break his concentration as he paces for a few moments more.

He stops. He smiles. Formal introductions are exchanged. If you’re talented enough to breach this sanctum then maybe you’re talented enough to accept a little job? He muses further. He offers his terms.

He, Bastian Thermander, wants control of the Cult of Eternal Flame. He also wants Tinderstrike too. Your task is to rid him of his superior, Vanifer, phrophetess (is that a word?) of the Eternal Flame. You’ll find her in the depths below Tyar-Besil in a place named the Weeping Colossus. Destroy her and bring her dagger, Tinderstrike, to Bastian. For your reward, when Bastian receives Tinderstrike and proof of Vanifer’s demise, he’ll reward you each with a magical weapon. The weapon of your choice will be forged in the foundry and imbued with magic.

Bort, Damok and Slade each ask for magical armour (did someone ask for a shield?). Kahlan asks for the ability to see in the dark. Bastian wonders if anybody understands what the word weapon means? Still. He’ll see what he can do!

Burlap and Ellass will need to have a think about it… …. …

2x Potions of Greater Healing
3x Potions of Fire Resistance
A pouch of shiny pebbles, a blue quartz (worth 5 gp), a hematite (worth 5 gp) and a piece of obsidian (worth 10 gp).

Bort, Damok, Slade and Kahlan each earn 2,000XP.
Burlap and Ellass each earn a token 1,000XP.

Bort…….Award: 2,000 XP.....Total: 47,800 XP.....Level 8
Burlap....Award: 1,000 XP.....Total: 44,500 XP.....Level 8
Damok...Award: 2,000 XP.....Total: 42,600 XP.....Level 8
Ellass…..Award: 1,000 XP.....Total: 40,800 XP.....Level 8
Kahlan....Award: 2,000 XP.....Total: 45,300 XP.....Level 8
Slade.....Award: 2,000 XP.....Total: 42,300 XP.....Level 8

"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 1 year 4 days ago #4194

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3rd Elesias 1491 DR

Sealing the deal with the Red-Skinned Man
Bastian requires the head of Vanifer and the dagger called Tinderstrike (symbol of leadership of the fire cult). Magical items will be paid on receipt. Bastian reminds you that Vanifer has retreated to the Weeping Colossus – in the depths below. He teaches you a hand sign that gets you a free pass through Eternal Flame territory. He tells you of a shaft accessed through the forge which has a disc – the words ember and ash cause the disc to rise and fall. The shaft connects the Eternal Flame Temple (the fire quarter of Tyar-Besil [you are here]), to The Fane of the Eye and deeper still to the Weeping Colossus.

Information Reprise
From Bastian you learn that below Tyar-Besil are older places. Directly below is the Fane of the Eye, a neutral place due to it being a passing place for all four cults. Connected to the Fane of the Eye are four elemental nodes – the most sacred and dangerous places of the cults. One of these four nodes is the fire node, known as the Weeping Colossus.

There are four elemental prophets:
1. Aerisi Kalinoth, prophet(ess) of Elemental Air is dead. Bort has taken possession of her spear, Windvane.
2. Vanifer is prophet(ess) of Elemental Fire, she possesses the dagger Tinderstrike and is currently at the Weeping Colossus.
3. Marlos Urnrayle is prophet of Elemental Earth, you read a text at the Sacred Stone Monastery describing how he was drawn to the Fane of the Eye and claimed Ironfang for his own (implement of elemental earth). Marlos nurtures the Black Geode and when all is ready the Evergrowing Mountain shall come and remake these lands in his own image. Slade recalls you found a recently sculpted statue of Ogremoch – an earth elemental known as the 'Mountain that Walks'.
4. Gar Shatterkeel is prophet of Elemental Water. As a usurper of Talos’ domain of lighting and storms. He is Bort’s sworn nemesis. He wields the weapon known as Drown.

4th Elesias 1491 DR

Bed and Breakfast
Now that your new buddy has given you a free pass around the Temple of Eternal Flame you spend a relatively comfy night sleeping in beds in the barracks. Breakfast is served. There’s an uneasy truce with cultists and their mercenaries. You plot your next move. You want your gods to railroad you but there are so many options and your gods fail to guide you.

Return to the Temple of Black Earth
Retracing your steps you return to the quarter of Tyar-Besil ruled by the Earth cult. Kahlan, Slade and Bort force entry into the statue-filled chamber of a grey-skinned man with dust for dandruff. The very ground grabs at Kahlan’s ankles. Walls of earth rise from the ground. Rubble crashes at your feet and dust fills the air. A large creature of moving stone almost pounds Kahlan into the ground; her world goes black. Once Miraj, the grey-skinned opponent, is beaten, Bort and Slade rescue Kahlan and flee the chamber leaving an angry golem behind them.

Let Sleepling Bullettes Lie
A large chamber, split in two by a chasm, serves as a stables for Black Earth Bullette Riders. Three of their mounts doze here, chained to large columns. Two of the bullettes awaken and growl (do bullettes growl?). Well, if they’re mounts they’ll be used to people –won’t they? A combination of sneaking, walking in an unthreatening manner, patting, talking nicely (even Bort, sweating profusely and trying not to soil his armour played nicey-nicey) and when necessary sprinting gets you by – but not without the odd growl and worrying snap. You leave Fido, Rex and Fluffy behind you and exit the chamber into an adjacent corridor.

Broog and Norb
Beyond graffiti ridden double doors two basso voices are heard in heated argument. The arguers sound rather dim-witted. When the party enters they’re greeted by not two creatures, but just one. A two-headed giant stands before you. On the left is Broog and on the right is Norb. Broog-Norb delivers some damage with each swing, but ultimately his/their downfall is due to him/them being too stupid to fight with any convincing effort at co-ordination.

Remember those shiny pebbles from last week? One turns out to be a Stone of Luck.
2,900 cp (too cumbersome to carry?)
130 ep
An ivory statuette of an elephant (worth 80gp)
A pair of gold bracelets (worth 30gp each)

Bort, Kahlan and Slade each earn 5,800 XP.
Burlap, Damok and Ellas each earn 3,500 XP.

Bort……..Award: 5,800 XP.....Total: 53,600 XP.....Level 9
Burlap.....Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 48,000 XP.....Level 9
Damok….Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 46,100 XP.....Level 8
Ellass…..Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 44,300 XP.....Level 8
Kahlan…. Award: 5,800 XP.....Total: 51,100 XP.....Level 9
Slade......Award: 5,800 XP.....Total: 48,100 XP.....Level 9
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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R4. Princes of the Apocalypse 11 months 3 weeks ago #4234

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A brief recap of the last session (drawn from distant memory)... …

4th Elesias 1491 DR

The Final Chambers of the Temple of Black Earth
The pool in the Hunting Hall.
The Dao in her little forge.
Freeing the captives from the torture chamber: Gervor, the pompous half-elf merchant, Wulgreda the female dwarf, Droth the comatose thug and Orna the turncoat Black Earth cultist.
Ugly brutes in the crappy armoury. Kahlan’s nifty new Necklace of Ogre Bollocks.
The stair to the Fane of the Eye.

I don’t recall giving any out and it’s unlike me to hand out free goodies.

Bort, Burlap, Damok, Kahlan and Slade each earn 3,500 XP.
Ellas earns 2,000 XP.

Bort……. Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 57,100 XP.....Level 9
Burlap.....Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 51,500 XP.....Level 9
Damok….Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 49,600 XP.....Level 9
Ellass.......Award: 2,000 XP.....Total: 46,300 XP.....Level 8
Kahlan.....Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 54,600 XP.....Level 9
Slade.......Award: 3,500 XP.....Total: 51,600 XP.....Level 9
"Gentlemen, we're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun" - Capt. E. Blackadder.
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