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Remember me
...: sarge :...
17 Apr : 18:26

Masks players: Unfortunately no Stew tonight as he us unwell. Going go change tonights session a little because of this.
...: Andy Boyne :...
17 Apr : 14:42

I'm ok thanks Mel
...: MellyMel :...
17 Apr : 14:11

do you want me to bring you some andy or you ok?
...: Bane :...
17 Apr : 12:46

Sounds like a plan Andy
...: TheRanger :...
17 Apr : 12:41

will do
...: Andy Boyne :...
17 Apr : 11:46

That's good then. Please bring it with you.
...: TheRanger :...
17 Apr : 09:07

I have my Character sheet from last week if that any help
...: Andy Boyne :...
17 Apr : 07:18

Thanks Both
...: Viggi :...
17 Apr : 06:21

Andy, loads of pregens here, different levels too
...: MellyMel :...
16 Apr : 22:29

I have a load of 2nd level pre gens I could bring if that would help
...: Andy Boyne :...
16 Apr : 22:20

Ok Viggi. Guys - I can cobble something together in 13th Age for tomorrow night - will mean character generation as Viggi has the current character sheets. Please could each player post whether they are interested or would rather do something else or cancel so we all know what's the what.
...: Viggi :...
16 Apr : 19:10

My chaps plating 13th age, due to the arcane and byzantine child care demands of our childcare I will not be able to attend tomorrow, sorry guys
...: mikeawmids :...
16 Apr : 18:54

Live D&D at PAX: [link]
...: Dudleypaddy :...
03 Apr : 19:02

Will have to miss tonight got back probs nothing serious but is quite uncomfortable so will give it a miss tonight sorry warhammer guys.
...: Viggi :...
03 Apr : 18:19

OK NBA chaps, 2 down and I have a bruised foot in a bucket of ice (Don't ask!) so I am calling it for tonight.
...: TheRanger :...
03 Apr : 17:55

NBA. cant make it this week, sorry, shoudl be good net week
...: Cariryn :...
03 Apr : 12:34

There's the big long one near the stage and loads of space in the middle where you could combine small tables. If you really wanted a large table and all others were in use, they might let you borrow one from the other room. In short, I don't see any space issues!
...: Val :...
03 Apr : 12:27

The answer is 42
...: mikeawmids :...
03 Apr : 09:41

Out of interest, how many regular members can the club support before we begin to run out of room at the club? Would we have to have more games with fewer players, in order to have enough table space?
...: Viggi :...
02 Apr : 21:06

NBA folk, as we are without an Andy, I thought I would run a short 13th age (which helps as I am running 13th age at ukgamesexpo). If that is okay1

Hello and Welcome to the Black Country Role Playing Society website

The club and this website are dedicated to playing Role Playing Games (RPG's). We play all RPG's and have 3 - 4 games running each week. Every 8 weeks we start new games, we call these rotations. As for numbers, we currently have 20+ regular members, but we are always open to new people at any time who want to come along.

What is a Role Playing Game? If you a new to gaming or just curious, click the following link and all will be explained: Role Playing Games

Times and Location

We meet every Thursday from 7.30pm at the Coronation Social Club in Blackheath, West Midlands, UK.

We are very easy to find. Our club is based in the magnificent building just outside Blackheath town centre, on the lights of the recently constructed Blackheath bypass, opposite the Lidl Supermarket . Click Here for a map showing our location.

What Games do we Play?

As far as games are concerned we play any RPG's that folks can be bothered to run. Also played are Wargames (from time to time) and CCG's. Typically though the choice is down to D&D (Pathfinder, 3.5, 4th Ed), Warhammer Fantasy/40k Rpg, Shadowrun 2nd Ed, Champions, L5R, Call of Cthulhu, Stargate, Star Trek and Star Wars. More rarefied RPG's are also played; Stormbringer, RuneQuest and others. Games are posted on the members forum and then folks simply sign up based on interest. So why not come along and find out...

Other Info

We also help out at the UK Games Expo convention.

We fortunately have very few rules. Click here to view the Club Rules & Information page.
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