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TOPIC: Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread

Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4274

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Again, excellent write ups guys. An advantage die to each of you.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4281

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Hmmm....something is missing...what is missing I wonder?

Steboacha - do you know what is missing???
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4282

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Night after night I dream of a either a dragon heading to waterdeep or riding a dragon to waterdeep. The dreams vary in intensity but are fairly consistent.

I have no time for waterdeep though, I follow a lead to one of the bandits who killed my best friend. He goes by the name green hat and is acting as bodyguard to a merchant travelling north. I bet he's going to betray merchant by directing him towards his associates and death.

I need an opening to join this merchant on his trip to impending disaster.
I manage to persuade the merchant that he needs another bodyguard and that my rates are fair. When he says he is going to waterdeep it was all I could do to hide my shock.

On the journey, I made efforts to get to know Green Hat and befriend Sileas Trent (the merchant). It turns out that green hat has joined a new crew and had no further contact with his former crew. Green hat made several attempts to redirect the group to an ambush but I persuaded my new friend Sileas to take a safer route.

As Green Hat had no further information to lead me to his former band of degenerates, it was time to dispose of him.
I relieved Green Hat of the burden of life making sure he was aware of why he was being awarded such mercy and had the opportunity to get the full experience of his demise.

On the rest of the journey to waterdeep I learned Sileas had quite the sense of humour which made the rest of the trip very pleasant.

On arrival at waterdeep after saying my goodbyes to Sileas I was greeted by a messenger from Derge Veran aid to the undying court. I've been instructed to meet a group at an inn in the evening.
It was a much larger group than I expected but I have a good feeling about this group. Providing we can work together we should succeed in our tasks.

The first assignment we are tasked with was to retrieve some special mushrooms for our new employer.
We have strict instructions on where to go and not to stray. We head to the location and are met by a group of demonic creatures. Pig demons and mini-humanoid demons. Some of us in the group have more difficulty than others despatching these abominations. Thankfully I was not one of them. The druid of the party spent more time on his back than a cheap hooker. The barbarian decided he didn't like the styling of a far window wasn't to his liking and improved the look with his axe. Our monk friend spent a lot of time head-butting the floor.

Mushrooms collected we return to the inn and agree to meet our employer in the morning.

That night I dream of a dragon in the forest in Chult populated with giant lizards and undead creatures. I awaken several times scratching as my birthmarks itch and spread further over my body. I will probably need to get that looked at soon.

On arrival we are greeted by a curiously undead butler who's eyes started to glow as I appraised it. We are lead through a portal to another dimension (a security measure I assume). I seem to be the only one who noticed, not even our over studious wizard, so I mention it to the group.

We are informed of the death curse afflicting the entire realm including madam Silva Sindrane. She believes an artefact called the Soul Forger is the sourse of the curse and would like us to find and destroy it. She claims that it written in the stars or something, that our group is most likely to succeed. Strange I haven't dreamt of it yet.
Our benefactor teleports us to Chult with some money for supplies and suggestions as to where to start.

No dreams tonight but itching still disturbs my sleep. My skin starts to form an very fine layer of what appears to be dead skin around my birthmarks that make a unusual pattern in my skin.
After collecting supplies for our trip it is decided an expedition/training exercise to a northern fort is advisable.

On our way to the fort, we encounter some of the indigenous life. Our barbarian spends some unwelcome intimate time with an assassin vine. Our guide also repeatedly shows our ranger how not to get lost in the forest(hilarious).
We arrive at the fort with some experience under our belts.
You're on the other side of the rabbit hole. Now it's time to die.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4283

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No idea Andy B)
You're on the other side of the rabbit hole. Now it's time to die.
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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4292

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Tomb of Annihilation - Journal of Jayne Lockwood

I still can’t believe that I’m alive. Emerging from my tent and watching that shambling host breach the walls, I felt a terror grip me like nothing I’ve ever felt before; an icy fear that froze me in place and chilled me to the bone. As the men of Fort Belurian fought and died around me, I grappled with that dread and somehow, I overcame it. Debilitating though that fear was, it reminded me that - unlike the monsters swarming over the walls - I was alive, and I would have to act decisively if I wanted to stay that way. I grabbed my bow and joined the fray!

Though the heavy rain reduced visibility to a scant few metres, I still caught sight of a large bear moving among our enemies, a trail of dismembered zombies in its wake. While I knew this to be my friend taken animal-form, I still gave the beast a wide berth. Tashan hurled bolts of eldritch light and I saw a score of the undead transformed into flailing scarecrows, trailing purple fire. Mundane weapons proved less effective; it took three arrows (and one crossbow bolt) to fell a single ghoul.

I couldn’t say how long we fought, how many waves of those foul monsters we turned back, but eventually - after what seemed like forever - they stopped coming. The only dead left in Fort Belurian were those brave men and women who had fallen to the horde. Somehow, against all the odds, neither I nor any of my companions counted among the slain.

As I broke my fast the next morn, I noticed several other survivors glaring at our group and exchanging hateful whispers. When I challenged the ringleader, he accused us of colluding with the undead and bringing about the deaths of his comrades. Utter madness! The situation was deteriorating rapidly until Major Portyr intervened and sent us on our way. She made it quite clear we should not return until things had simmered down between us and her men. I was only to happy to leave.

My concerns regarding the mental well-being of our wizard grow daily. I now suspect he is suffering from some tropical disease of the brain that makes him violent and paranoid. Before we left Fort Belurian, Tashan had a quiet word with the commander. For some reason, Tamarin flew into a rare fury and accused the warlock of betraying the party! Tashan revealed he had accidentally struck a friendly target during the battle and had only been enquiring after the soldier’s health. The wizard was enraged he had not been consulted beforehand or called upon to oversee the conversation! I must make a point of not writing in this journal when Tamarin is around, lest he think I am recording coded messages for his imagined enemies.

Elias also seems to be keeping a record of our adventurers. Every time I see him, he is scribbling in a small red book. He keeps telling everyone how great this book is. The first dozen times, I nodded politely, but it is fast becoming a constant, irritating drone. I get it already, it’s a nice book.

We headed south, back into the jungle. A roving pack of ghouls thought to make a meal of us, but we soon turned the tables on those stinkers. The toads were more troublesome. I still don’t understand how they managed to get the drop on us. One moment I’m walking through the jungle, minding my own business, the next I’m slapped in the face by a long, wet, salty tongue. Does nothing on this wretched continent know how to treat a lady?

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Tomb Of Annihilation- discussion thread 1 year 4 months ago #4295

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The Spellweavers tale – Musings of Devlin Char

Dawn (day 10)

The aftermath is horrific.

My studies have not prepared me for the extent of the carnage wrought by ravaging mindless undead. I am frankly sickened. My chosen calling is to study these creatures, and I have studied a little too closely.

A ghoul broke through the fighting lines, and nearly disembowelled me with a single blow. My training held, but I confess that in my rage. I did something I determined I would never do. As I struck back, the spell inflicted terrific damage on the ghoul, and the weave seemed to speak to me, just as Master M’Rellion had said it would. I was in pain, I was dying, and it seemed so natural to drain the life force from the ghoul. My pain lessened; my wounded closed. Horrified I looked at its corpse… no differences. Just another dead thing. I looked around. No one seemed to see my dilemma or confusion. I looked away from the carnage inside over the wall.

A translucent glowing figure seemed to be directing the hordes of mindless undead. Without thinking I unleashed my magic a second time, the beam struck. I felt the power of the creature, forgetting my abhorrence of a few seconds ago, the connection (I?) tried to draw on its life force. The world stopped. I felt its gaze locate me, scrutinise (recognise?). the scrutiny seemed to last forever, it turned and left, the horde departed with it.

I must have spoken of the creature, I don’t recall, because the warlock stood seemed intent on complaint about not notifying him of its presence.

I returned my attention to the clean-up.

Looking at the undead corpses, I focussed on making sketches and notes of the zombies, and more particularly the ghoul. I could not get the other creature out of mind.

Bestiary Entry: Zombie
Mindless automaton created by necromantic magic. The magic appears to preserve the creatures though the stench of rot and the grave is very evidence. Observations note that they appear to be almost mindless and capable of minor decision making functionality and limited or no speech. They fight with powerful clawed hands. They are resilient and powerful; they feel no pain. The organs within the bodies appear not to perform any function. I sensed the dark magic simply allows the muscles and brain to function. It appears that they can be controlled by higher forms of undead (the Translucent being).

I am convinced that they are simply tools.

Bestiary Entry: Ghoul
Analysis of the encounter noted ghouls are intelligent, and cunning, but driven by a need to feed on the flesh of the living. I noted the ghouls by pass others to make directly for us. Obviously by design and not by chance. Physcially they are derived from humanoids, said to be infected with demonic or necromantic energy, and too powerful to be turned into mindless undead. They have claws, and vicious sharp teeth. I note that they also inject some form of poison that renders their prey paralyzed whilst they feed on the still living flesh.

Internal organs all work, particularly the digestive tract, which is overdeveloped and facilities an entirely carnivorous diet.

Getting what rest I could, I woke and we debriefed as a group. I shared my knowledge of the translucent figure and endured more complaint from the Warlock about it. We greeted our comrade Al Zalam. Apparently he had arrived before the battle and was sequestered in another part of the keep when the attack occurred, our other comrades he advised were suffering from an illness and were being cared for in the infirmary, something connected to the assassin vine attack. He lightened the mood telling us the tale of his daring do in the battle, starting with his exitting 'barely finshed' from the privy, sword in one hand, leggins in the other.

Such levity did not resolve the other issue that daylight brought. Following our debrief, the Warlock and the Ranger were involved in an altercation with some townsfolk. Apparently the Warlock had, in the heat of battle, struck one of the guards, who lay gravely wounded. Relatives of the guard were lambasting the Warlock, who was increasingly belligerent (with some justification) with them, finally drawing his sword and holding ready. The Ranger tried to join them, the situation potentially becoming ugly. I tried to use subtle magic to communicate with one of the villagers, with little success. My persuasive powers not sufficient to avoid escalation. The matter was resolved by one of the keep solders, who intervened asking my comrades to a meeting with the Major.

The meeting was interesting. Apparently, we are accused of inciting or organising the attack. We are accused in the popular mind of being in league with the undead. The intelligence on the Translucent being, (a wrath? Ghost?) appeared to unnerve the Major, and the incident with the Warlock and the guard was a powder keg – not helped by the altercation. The Major acknowledged our help, but also encouraged us to leave. It is clearly the case that the Flaming Fist has less control here than anticipated. A point I made. That said, I can see the Major’s point, this is the first such attack and coincided with our arrival at the fort.

We strike a deal for more ghoul ears and go to leave. The Warlock choses to remain behind. The Major and the Warlock share a look or is it my imagination? I activate Sylph to remain and observe. The conversation between the Warlock and the Major is inane and revolves around the injury inflicted on the guard. If it was coded then it appears to be well hidden. The Warlock leaves and then treats the guard with healing magics before re-joining us. In hindsight the ensuing conversation with the Warlock should have been better handled. His actions looked suspicious and there was potential to undermine our position here. He doesn’t see that. Why I became angry is not at issue. I should not have been, but I am concerned that the Warlock’s individualistic attitude may kill us all. He and the Ranger appear to be a common thread. I tried to explain that a group needs to follow an order, organisation and structure to be effective. In the absence of a leader, I have tried to take this on. I am equally happy for him to do it. But he steadfastly refuses. Each unto his own.

Last week this would not have irritated me so much. Perhaps the jungle is grating on my nerves. Perhaps we simply need time. I will keep my own council now. We debate going after ghouls. By some sort of osmosis it happens and we set out.

We set out, my mind on possibilities. What if the Translucent being has been watching? What if the Flaming fist are right and one of our group is in league with the undead?

When it happens, it is no surprise that we encounter more undead. Ghouls jump out and attack. The creatures are insatiable, slavering for our flesh. The Druid enters his bear form, and I enchant his flesh to resist their evil. But the dead ones strike him down, coordinating their attacks. My comrades inflict minor wounds on them, but the situation appears perilous, I decide on a desperate plan, I hurl sleep magic into the group, trusting that the half breeds thin elven blood will protect them. The Druid falls unconscious. So too does one ghoul who is quickly dispatched. We gain the upper hand, but the undead are not finished. A larger ghoul with fierce red eyes enter the frey, the stretch from its body is intolerable.

The terror in the clearing is palpable, I find my own fear increasing, as I struggle to remain calm. The remaining ghouls are entreated by the larger ghoul (a ghast?) to greater effort and we are now in peril. Fortune smiles. My magical sleep takes effect once more, this time affecting several of the ghouls, whom my colleagues dispatched with ease. The ghast, appears shocked, but several well-placed arrows and the Warlocks eldritch fire claim the beast.

Not a mark on the Warlock. Not a drop of blood.

Silently I collect the ears, and perform an examination of the larger ghoul. The stench is overpowering and I use a contrip to keep the odour bearable. My comrades look at me in disgust, as I sketch the internals of the ghoul noting enlarged glands under the arms that seem part of the delivery mechanism for the odour, I incise one and collect a sample into a vial.

Bestiary Entry: Ghast
Physically very similar to ghouls, with no discernible difference. Physiologically these creatures have enlarged glands under the arms that produce a power ammoniacal substance that causes nausea, the effect seems to be similar to poisoning, rendering those affected slower and unable to function effectively. The larger creature seemed to exercise influence over the others, some sort of hierarchy?
the attacks also seemed to be better coordinated, was this ghast in charge?

A decision needs to be made. Do we continue or do we make for the Port? I am loath to leave the Flaming Fist with their preconceptions of us. It would be better to perform the service and return the ears. Engender some good will… but what if there is a traitor amongst us?
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Andy's funeral is 10th December at 10.30am at St Hildas church Smethwick followed by burial at Thimblemill cemetery.

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Awful news. RIP Andy. Thinking of him and his family.

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RIP Andy ... May you always roll a 20

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my thoughts and condolences to his family

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Terrible news , my thoughts and condolences to his family, RIP Andy .

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