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TOPIC: R6 - Loderan Needs You!

R6 - Loderan Needs You! 1 week 2 days ago #4204

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Draft Notice

People of Loderan Your King needs you, There has been several disturbing threats in the Lorderan Kingdom, From Orcs too strange ungodly magic. We need too be on guard with the ever growing threats we need you too step up and become the next hero to follow in the footsteps of the Paladin Order - Silver Hand and lead the battle along side our Prince Arthas.

For the King, For the Alliance and for LODERAN!

Game Mode: 5E
Number of players: 5
Rules following: Core rule's and Xanathars Guide

There will be some race locking due too story implications, that said rule of cool is in effect. If your interested in this game please sign up love too run this as a full campaign, Following the events of Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. The story will be in your hands those of you who may of experienced this story may wish too try change events and those of you who not sure about the story this is one of my personal favorite stories ever and would love too see your faces once you get too experience it also.

Im adding a Profession based System also too give something more for the players too play around with. Giving the options for chosen professions too craft:

Alchemy - Poison's, Potion's, Antidotes... Etc

Blacksmithing - Heavy Armour, Weapons, Whetstones.... Etc

Leatherworking - Medium Armour, Bows, Quivers....Etc

Engineering - BOMBS!....And More!

Tailoring - Light Armour, Tangle bags (Support Items), Containers...Etc

Enchanting - Enchanting and Disenchanting (Adding special effects too items, Harvesting the magical effects from items too put too better use)

Inscription - Runes, Glyphs, Wards (Magical Inscription's on items)

I will dive into more info on this if people are interested.

All are welcome all, Just have a Name and a Class and 1st Night of the game we will play the story out and fate will be in your hands.

If you have any questions come hit me up at the club or message me on site i check pretty frequently. Happy Hunting. Hope too see you in R7.
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R7 - Loderan Needs You! 1 week 1 day ago #4211

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I have locked thread and deleted all replies expressing interest.

Recruitment will open 12/09/19.
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Andrek - Wed 14 Aug - 12:37

I am on holiday this week, but I will be back to kick off the one-shots on 22nd August

Steboacha - Mon 12 Aug - 08:18

Any time bud.

mikeawmids - Sun 11 Aug - 23:59

Steve, I am sorry I deleted your very valid question. I will be sure to consider my actions before taking them in future. Thankyou for this opportunity to grow as a person.

Steboacha - Sun 11 Aug - 23:42

Mike, you deleted my post that had a very valid question. Please consider the effect of your actions before taking them.

mikeawmids - Sun 11 Aug - 13:14


Candi - Sat 10 Aug - 19:53

Ive tried to Edit the post but when its locked i cant make the changes needed.

Candi - Sat 10 Aug - 19:53

Hello all, Reference my Loderan Needs you game, I was wrong with what Rotation we are currently on so this game is intended for the Last rotation of the year being R6. Thanks.

moc - Thu 8 Aug - 19:14

Candi / Moc running late should not be too late

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