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TOPIC: Too many continuation games?

Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2310

  • fruitviking
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This seems like a good idea Mike.
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Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2311

  • Sprite_goblin89
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This sounds great. What about those who may want to get a continuation game in early? Could we put a restriction such as continuation game can't be announced (at least in an official thread) until the week before new rotation. That way no one can jump the gun?
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Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2312

  • Inept
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Can I make the point that your observations are now starting to sound like binding rules. The club does NOT* have a constitution, and as such there is no mechanism to apply 'rules'. What we are talking about is trying to set some guidelines that fit with emerging needs of the club. The only way to do that is to encourage DM's to adopt the guidelines whens posting games, and for players to not sign up for games with more than 4/5 players.

I believe that convincing DM's to restrict numbers would be the most beneficial action to take.

On another point, I would not be a fan of reducing rotation times. 8 weeks is about right, but it doesn't stop folks pairing up to deliver shorter games within that time frame.

*sorry guys my bad. we dont have a constitution and we dont have a means, other than agreeing between ourselves any guidelines. The ones we have are solely based on website signing up.
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Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2314

  • Viggi
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Oh dear, much shame....I will chuck a few things in though, some in my defence, some to make a point:

1. Shame on you Viggi, for publicly saying that these problems are insurmountable, after what you did before, and exactly why did you submit a list of games that you have no intention of running?
Apologies for any confusion, having said I had a load of games in my head I would love to run, I was expecting the challenge to name them and so jumped the gun and listed them, not as a list to run at the club but a kind of list of games had in my head.

2. Rotation Length

When the rotations were first being discussed we came up with 8 weeks as a classic compromise, i.e no one was particularly happy with it.
Some wanted longer rotations of 10-12 weeks. I actually preferred a shorter 6 weeks, but 8 weeks won out and I think is the best compromise, I really wouldn't change this.

3. What is the club for?

I don't really think the length of the rotations is the problem here

The real question is this, what is the club for?

Is it for a group of roleplayers to run their own games, within the very few guidelines the club has, I.e 8 week rotations, and that is it.
If so it is succeeding very well, a subset of players are getting exactly the games they want, with the players they want and the gm they want through continuation games. New players are welcome but they take pot luck and will inevitably experience the tacked on 4th table that someone stumps up with a week to go, no choices. As I don't attend anymore, I would assume this would result in new players disappearing after a few weeks. I would (and did at clubs attended in the past).

This takes experienced GMs and excellent players out of the mix as they go from game to game in the same group. This seems to have evolved over the last year or so. I will emphasize I am not criticising anyone for this, as the club operates this is completely acceptable.

If, however, the aim is to mix players and gms more, or encourage and recruit new players and keep them, the current system is failing.
Even if the aim is a bit of both it is failing.

4. No appetite for rules

We used to, when I first attended the club, have a committee, a chairman, a treasurer, etc. When key members left nobody really wanted to fill those rolls. After all, we are all grownups, right? Who needs rules.
The end result of that was the club ended up as two groups of 7 or more players, not mixing with no rotations.

The website Scott created then gave us the tool to run the rotations and things started to work again.

Inept spoke of a constitution, I have no idea where that is, if it exists, maybe I would call it an agreement between a bunch of people.
I think the club needs more structure to operate as all would like, and yes, to occasionally stop people doing what they want to do how they want to do it. The problem is nobody wants that job.

5.Who cares?
How many have contributed to this thread?
Seems to me the majority of players are happy with the status quo, they are in several continuing games with their friends and have no interest in changing things. Fair enough.

That was why I said nothing will change.

Bottom line I think there needs to be more rules, agreed by the club, a clear constitution, agreed by the club, rules for rotations, behavior, what new members can expect, we even used to have a membership card that got us a 10% discount at Waylands Forge!
Anybody want to do that?
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Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2315

  • mikeawmids
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We can argue these points back and forth until the cows come home, but the only way to resolve these issues definitively is to have a vote, at the club, announced ahead of time so that anyone who wants to take part can make a point of being present. We are a community of like-minded individuals and these decisions should be addressed as a community.

Alternatively, we could issue 'ballot papers' allowing people to vote over the course of a month, then count up the results

The key issues that have arisen from this thread appear to be;

1: Altering the length of rotations.

2: Capping the number of players.

3: Limiting the number of continuation games per rotation.

(Are there any other issues that need to be raised?)

This way everyone has a voice, rather than just those who can most eloquently present their opinion via the forum.

After 12 months, we can reassess the situation and have another vote if need be.
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Too many continuation games? 2 years 2 months ago #2316

  • mikeawmids
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Ooh. How about this for a compromise. We do 12/6 week rotations. So...





GM's can post a game for either 6 weeks or the full 12 weeks. This way, we get the best of both worlds. It may take a while to adapt, but it could work quite well in the long run.

Plus, we keep the 2 continuation game per rotation limit, but max of one 12 week campaign / two DIFFERENT 6 week campaigns.

Example 1: Scott has posted a 12 week continuation game to span R1a/R1b. Andy has posted a 6 week continuation game for R1b. No more continuation games can be posted for R1.

Example 2: Mike has posted a 6 week continuation game in R2a. Doug has posted a 6 week continuation game in R2b. No more continuation games can be posted in R2.

Example 3: Both Richard and Pat have posted 6 week continuation games in R3a. No more continuation games can be posted in R3.

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