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TOPIC: R1/R2 5E noob campaign - Waterdeep dragon Heist?

R1/R2 5E noob campaign - Waterdeep dragon Heist? 1 day 10 hours ago #4225

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Hello all

This is purely at this point to gauge interest and not yet a formal recruitment thread. Felt like a Game proposal but mods feel free to move elsewhere if needed.

I've not DM'd anything more than a one shot before but want to get some experience. I also know a few of the newer members were interested in learning/playing 5e. I'm nowhere near comfortable with pulling an 8 week campaign out of my arse (which I'm reliably informed is the proper way to do it) so was wondering if there was interest to run through the Waterdeep Dragonheist adventure. This would be aimed at players with less experience with 5e (although more experienced forgiving to noob DM players are welcome to) and who obviously have not already played this adventure before. It's designed for characters level 1-5 and can potentially lead onto Dungeons of the Mad mage which can go all the way to 20 if needed. I've zero idea at the moment if Dragonheist would last 8 weeks or more but if we fall short I'm potentially thinking of looking at the Strongholds and followers module which has an adventure in for 5th level characters (conveniently right where we finish) and bring in rules about owning your own keep, siege rules, having followers etc that might be fun.

As I say just would like to see who is interested, if there is enough then i'll pick up the books and start doing some deeper research and learning. From an initial read there is combat but there might also be more impact for roleplaying and intruigue so be aware. If you are a pure dungeon crawler might not be your game.

I'm thinking either R1 or R2 next year depending on interest and other games running (mainly as Mikes R1 game blades in the dark sounds interesting). I'll only have a few specific rules:

1 - DM has final say. If you think I've got a specific rule wrong suggest it and we'll check it together (I'll be learning too) but if I make a decision it's final. too much "negotiating with the DM" can slow down the flow of the game for all the other players.

2 - It's a group game. Everyone should get chance to play and play to their characters strengths and everyone should get equal time to shine.

3 - Play to your flaws. Flaws are what make a character interesting. Not everyone is great at everything. If you're smart you might be poor with people etc.

So let me know if there would be interest and which rotation you'd prefer and I'll make it into a formal proposal.
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R1/R2 5E noob campaign - Waterdeep dragon Heist? 1 day 8 hours ago #4226

  • Sarge
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I'd certainly be interested in playing if it was R2 (running Cthulhu in in R1)
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R1/R2 5E noob campaign - Waterdeep dragon Heist? 1 day 1 hour ago #4229

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ditto I have played dragon hiest and the proposal sounds interesting.
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R1/R2 5E noob campaign - Waterdeep dragon Heist? 10 hours 14 minutes ago #4231

  • Candi
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Id be Game if in R2 also!

Sounds awesome.
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Andrek - Wed 14 Aug - 12:37

I am on holiday this week, but I will be back to kick off the one-shots on 22nd August

Steboacha - Mon 12 Aug - 08:18

Any time bud.

mikeawmids - Sun 11 Aug - 23:59

Steve, I am sorry I deleted your very valid question. I will be sure to consider my actions before taking them in future. Thankyou for this opportunity to grow as a person.

Steboacha - Sun 11 Aug - 23:42

Mike, you deleted my post that had a very valid question. Please consider the effect of your actions before taking them.

mikeawmids - Sun 11 Aug - 13:14


Candi - Sat 10 Aug - 19:53

Ive tried to Edit the post but when its locked i cant make the changes needed.

Candi - Sat 10 Aug - 19:53

Hello all, Reference my Loderan Needs you game, I was wrong with what Rotation we are currently on so this game is intended for the Last rotation of the year being R6. Thanks.

moc - Thu 8 Aug - 19:14

Candi / Moc running late should not be too late

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