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TOPIC: Rotation 1 - The Crystals of Ero' Annelin D&D

Rotation 1 - The Crystals of Ero' Annelin D&D 1 year 6 months ago #4111

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Crystals 11

A round of slow, mocking applause. The heroes face an apparition from their past; undead Kyan with a broken horn, now a creature of Ero'Annelin sent to oversee the wizard's plans for the Foreverwild.

The young girl Gambit rescued is not so easily fobbed off. Captain Darius is running an army, not a nursery. The heroes try reuniting the girl with her family, but they're all dead. Gambit adopts the child and gives her her first dagger. Her name is Eloise.

Darius wants the party to head further west and deal with the source of the goblin threat. The heroes head off, but don't encounter any more goblins. They do fight plenty of gnolls though.

The party see an old stone watch tower.

"That's probably full of gnolls," Clip observes, "Let's go around."

The capricious god of this world doesn't care for that kind of blue sky thinking. It turns out the watch tower WAS full of gnolls and they all come charging out to chase the party until Aeneas fails an Animal Handling roll and flips the donkey.

Gnolls surround the party and demand that they surrender. Aeneas challenges the pack leader to single combat, but because his tone was not sufficiently aggressive, he's stuck rolling Persuasion instead of Intimidate. The pack leader is not persuaded. Gambit throws down an identical challenge. The pack leader accepts!

Gambit and the pack leader twat each other for a bit, while the rest of the party look on. Somehow, Gambit manages to break his own arm in the first few moments of the duel, yet goes on to triumph over his opponent. Their leader defeated, the rest of the gnolls scatter.

"I thought we were supposed to be fighting goblins?" Glim cries.

The quest continues! The heroes come across a dying forest in the shadow of a huge, skeletal tree. Sabbath feels nauseous, these woods are saturated with evil, the very earth here is sick. Darth Kyan reappears to gloat for a bit. He snaps his fingers and a couple of bearded devils drop out of the branches to fuck shit up. Woah, strong sense of deja'vu

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Rotation 1 - The Crystals of Ero' Annelin D&D 1 year 5 months ago #4174

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My Friends
When we first met in the Ravenrock tavern we were colleagues of convenience. I wanted to see more of the world and saw Kyan’s quest as a good excuse, Aeneas just wanted to hit things to mourn his tribe and Glim and Sabath were tired of roughing it in the woods (also something about disturbances in wild places).

Since then I like to think we’ve become, if not friends, at least work colleagues. Even if that little marriage of convenience has led us to be instrumental in releasing an evil not seen in 10,000 years I had felt we’d done more good than harm and an entire deck of magical cards has left us with an Aeneas slightly less... Intellectual than we found him.

However More and more I have become uneasy with the path our group has taken. Two erstwhile allies have been brutally slain by our own party and almost every night is spent in debauchery and drinking games to the point I am not so sure we are helping the world quite so much.

I need some time to think. Some time to decide if we are what we set out to do. A group helping a young boy (who now tries to kill me) help save his friends or what we’ve become. Murderers and drunkards.

Let no one say I’m a thief. Here are the party funds I held in trust for you all minus 1000 gold which I feel is a fair share to help me cover my expenses. My monastery has a tradition called Walkabout. When a brother loses his purpose and his center he is to wander the land aimlessly. Thinking only of the next step and letting fate guide him until he finds his way back to wherever he is meant to be.

That may lead me back to you. Who knows. Or maybe not. I hope it does but for now I bid you goodbye. I would have told you this all in person but you were too drunk and probably won’t see this till midday such will be your hangovers anyway.

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Rotation 1 - The Crystals of Ero' Annelin D&D 1 year 5 months ago #4175

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Sir Colynn. Aasimir Paladin of our Lady of Selune

Born to common parents it was unknown where in their lineage the Angelic blood came from but it was obvious he was special upon his birth. while only 9 his parents were killed by a Werebear that was terrorising the nearby lands.

The Lycanthrope was eventually killed by the "Swords of the Lady". A group of Paladins who worship the Moon Goddess Selune. He was taken in by the Church of Selune as an orphan and vowed there and then even at a young age he would become big and strong, joining the "Lunatics" as the Sword of the Lady are known and hunt down the Lycanthrope to ensure no other families would suffer as his had.

Years passed in a blur of training and education until, on his 23rd birthday, he was knighted and inducted into the order.

After several more years of Smiting and vengeance at the Silver ladies behest the King of the Ashbourne enclave called in a favour with the Chapter Master of the Lunatics. He had sent a bunch of misfits out into the world to find allies against Ero' Anellin and had concerns they were not up to the job. He requested a member of the order be sent as his "Personal Liaison" to ensure his interests were represented and to report back on their progress.
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Terrible news , my thoughts and condolences to his family, RIP Andy .

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